Benny’s Bagels opened its doors in 1982, and we have been a Vancouver staple ever since. Located in the heart of East Vancouver, Benny’s Bagels has been providing authentic bagels throughout British Columbia for over 35 years.

Our mission is to approach every product with a simple philosophy, “Quality Above All Else”. With this philosophy in mind, specific attention is paid to the quality of ingredients chosen, detailed craftsmanship, and excellence in the service we provide to each and every customer.

Let us be your one-stop destination for all your bagel requirements.

About Benny’s Bagels

Benny’s bagels are individually handcrafted with care through proper precision and technique. The dough is made from scratch with superior ingredients, finest baking tools, and machinery.

Aside from using scratch recipes, what really sets us apart from the other is that we kettle boil all of our bagels. The concept behind the boil is to give the crisp outer shell that is essential to a bagel. This traditional method also helps seal the moisture in the dough, giving the bagel a chewy, dense pull-apart texture within.

After the kettle boil, our bagels are baked to perfection.

Discover Our Baker

George Von Kledtke has over 25 years of baking experience and is a proud baker for 20 years at Benny’s Bagels. George’s passion is to create exciting one of a kind bagels that everyone can enjoy.

“Our team goal at Benny’s Bagels is to bake natural products by using healthy ingredients because we care about what we put on your table. We look forward to serving you quality products that you will never forget.”